Colposcopy in Laurel and Silver Spring

A colposcopy is a diagnostic gynecological procedure used to examine cells in the cervix, vagina, and vulva for precancerous or cancerous cells. It involves using a colposcope, which is a magnifying instrument with a light source, to visualize the tissues more clearly. Your colposcopy may be combined with a minimally invasive surgery known as a colposcopic biopsy if abnormal cells are present to help prevent or detect cervical cancer.

When and Why Should I Have a Colposcopy?

You will be referred for a colposcopy if you have an abnormal pelvic exam or Pap result and / or experience symptoms suggestive of cervical, vaginal, or vulvar abnormalities. Your women’s health specialist will assess your medical history, symptoms, and previous test results to determine whether a colposcopy is necessary to check for cervical cancer or precancerous cells.

How Do I Prepare for It?

You may be advised to avoid scheduling the procedure during your menstrual period. Refrain from using tampons, vaginal medications, or douching for a certain period before the procedure.

Inform your doctor about any medications you’re taking, as well as any allergies or medical conditions you have so they can provide you with personalized pre-procedure instructions. Be sure to follow their preparation guidelines.

Does a Colposcopy Hurt?

The procedure itself is not usually painful, although you may experience some discomfort from the speculum being inserted into your vagina, as well as internal pressure from the colposcope.

How Long Is Recovery After a Colposcopy?

Recovery from a colposcopy is quick, and your provider will likely say you can resume normal activities immediately afterward. You may experience mild spotting or discharge for a few days following the procedure. Follow the specific instructions given to you by your doctor regarding post-procedure care, including any restrictions on activities, sexual intercourse, or the use of tampons.

Where Can I Find Outstanding Women’s Care Including Colposcopy in Silver Spring or Laurel?

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