Gynecology in Laurel and Silver Spring

As a woman, it’s essential to prioritize your health by scheduling regular visits with a gynecologist, which is a medical provider specializing in women’s reproductive health. Receiving regular care helps prevent and manage any issues that may arise.

What Gynecological Care Services Are Available?

Gynecologists prevent, diagnose, and treat conditions such as sexually transmitted infections, menstrual irregularities, and menopause symptoms.

The services offered by a gynecologist can vary, but they typically include pelvic exams, pap smears, breast exams, and birth control consultations. Additionally, they often provide referrals for specialized care if necessary, such as infertility treatment or gynecologic surgery.

How Often Do I Need to See a Gynecologist?

The frequency of your visits with a gynecologist depends on your age, medical history, and current health status. Typically, you should see your provider once every year.

However, your specialist may recommend visits less often, depending on whether you’re generally healthy and not experiencing any symptoms. If you have any conditions affecting your reproductive health, they may recommend more frequent visits.

What Symptoms Indicate the Need to See a Gynecologist?

Abnormal vaginal bleeding, pelvic pain, unusual discharge, painful intercourse, and changes in menstrual cycle indicate the need for a check up, even if you’re not yet due for one. Other signs include concerns about birth control or infertility.

Where Can I Find Comprehensive Women’s Care for Gynecology in Silver Spring or Laurel?

For providers you can trust and feel comfortable discussing your most intimate details with, choose Capital Women’s Care.

Call our Silver Spring office today at 301-259-5695 or our Laurel location at 301-304-1830 for care that meets all of your reproductive health needs. From your first visit through menopause and beyond with a range of services including annual exams, screening and diagnostic mammograms, and so much more, we’ll see to it you receive the personalized attention you deserve!