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Building Your Family This Year? Preconception Counseling Can Help

If you’re ready to add to your family, preconception counseling can help you have the best pregnancy experience possible. Opt

Starting or adding to your family is a big undertaking. Pregnancy involves a lot of unknowns, but you can reduce the uncertainty with preconception counseling. 

At Capital Women’s Care in Silver Spring and Laurel, Maryland, come in for counseling at least three months before you start trying to get pregnant. The expert OB/GYN team helps you prepare for all aspects of pregnancy by priming healthy habits, reviewing potential complications, and evaluating fertility.

A historical review

At a preconception counseling appointment, we review any history that could affect you or your baby during pregnancy. This includes family history — for both you and your partner — to find out if there’s any genetic conditions that may be passed down to your child. 

If we know there’s a risk, we may be able to do additional screenings or perform extra tests during the nine months. Further, we can diligently watch the baby’s development to see if any issues suggest a possible concern.

We also assess your own general medical history. Pre-existing medical conditions, such as thyroid disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure, can affect fertility and your ability to safely carry a baby to term. 

Proper management of these conditions improves your chances of a complication-free pregnancy. We’ll also ask about any past surgeries, allergies, or medications so we know what pregnancy complications, if any, might arise.

Of particular importance is any history of sexually transmitted infections or vaginal infections, which can affect your ability to conceive. Information about prior pregnancies, miscarriages, abnormal Pap smears, or irregular uterine bleeding is important information to share at preconception counseling. Any or all of these may affect your ability to conceive.

Live your best life

Being in tip-top health can improve your fertility and your chances of a complication-free pregnancy, delivery, and birth. We cover issues such as how to follow a healthy, balanced diet and get optimal exercise. If you have trouble curbing habits such as smoking or illicit drug use, we’re here to help.

The doctors also go over environmental hazards you should avoid, including exposure to certain chemicals, as well as risky behaviors that could endanger the baby when you do get pregnant. 

We also start you on a quality prenatal vitamin so you start your pregnancy with a rich supply of nutrients to share with your growing baby. Such a vitamin contains adequate amounts of important nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, and the B-complex of vitamins.

We help you achieve a normal BMI (body mass index), too; abnormally high or low BMIs increase your risk of pregnancy complications and infertility.

We also make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date. If you’re thinking about getting pregnant during flu season, a flu vaccine is also recommended during preconception counseling. This increases your chances of staying healthy when dealing with the other discomforts of a growing belly, aching back, and added fatigue.

Preconception counseling is a valuable way to improve your pregnancy experience and ensure a safe nine months. The team at Capital Women’s Care offers the very best in support before you get pregnant, during pregnancy, while you’re in labor and through delivery

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