Your first visit to the gynecologist can be a source of anxiety for many women. It’s completely normal to feel nervous or worried about this appointment, but it’s important to remember that the gynecology specialist is a professional and that they’re there to ensure your reproductive health.

By knowing what to expect during your first visit for a same-day OB/GYN in Laurel, it can eliminate some of the anxiety and make your experience more comfortable.

Here’s What Will Happen at Your Initial Appointment

During your first gynecologist visit, the doctor will start by asking you questions to get details about your medical history, including any past surgeries you’re had, medications, and regularity of your menstrual cycle.

It’s important to be open and honest during this discussion, as it will help the gynecologist identify potential risk factors and better understand your gynecological health.

Then, your women’s health specialist will perform a physical exam of your genitalia. While a pelvic exam is common during gynecological visits, it may not always be necessary during the first appointment, especially if you are young or not sexually active.

Depending on your age and medical history, the gynecologist may also discuss the option of having a Pap test as a cervical cancer screening. This involves collecting cells from your cervix.

In addition to discussing your reproductive health, your visit with a same-day OB/GYN in Laurel is also an opportunity to address any concerns you may have. Whether it’s menstrual irregularities, birth control options, sexual health, breast health, or general wellness concerns, the gynecologist is there to provide guidance and support.

Depending on your age and vaccination history, the gynecologist may recommend vaccines such as the HPV vaccine to protect against certain strains of a virus that can lead to cervical cancer, the human papillomavirus.

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